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Avon Clearskin Professional Daily Correcting Lotion

Worth the Money: Avon Clearskin Professional Daily Correcting Lotion (Review)



The Avon Clearskin Professional Daily Correcting Lotion is Avon’s attempt to state its claim in the acne prevention market. Since the market is dominated by ProActiv, Avon attempted to up the game of their Clearskin products by introducing new chemicals in the Professional version. Avon Clearskin Professional Daily Correcting Lotion


This specific Avon face lotion not only targets acne; it also works on the pores to clean them up and minimize their appearance. It’s one step higher than most other products on the market, and is extremely enticing for customers who can’t maintain an even skin tone with ProActiv, Clinique, or other acne-fighting products.


The lotion comes in a chic 2 fl. oz. silver bottle but costs a hefty $17.


Featured/Active Ingredients


The Avon Clearskin Professional comes with three vital ingredients that greatly boost its effects.


  1. Salicylic acid. Salicylic acid effectively dehydrates mild breakouts of whiteheads, blackheads, and acne and unclogs the pores. It peels off the outer layer of your skin, which contributes to a smoother complexion.
  2. Alpha-hydroxy acid (AHAs). AHAs include a group of organic chemicals, mostly glycolic acid, that penetrate the skin and peel off the external layer. It is an effective component to eliminate deep-seated dirt and other foreign elements.
  3. Retinol is a form of vitamin A and is common in many facial lotions. In helps the cells attached to hair follicles to open up, which makes it effective against acne and blackheads.


The Benefits of Avon Clearskin Professional Daily Correcting Lotion


While the lotion may prove to be intimidating because of its price, it is extremely effective and is definitely a must-try for those seeking effective acne treatment.


Firstly, the ingredients of this Avon lotion penetrate inward into the skin, unlike many other products. This greatly affects the effectivity of the lotion because it forces dirt, oil, and other gunk to be pushed out of the pores. This is the reason why it is so good in eliminating acne and even whiteheads and blackheads. It closes the pores back up, leaving fairer skin.


Secondly, it restores fairness to the skin. Other products might be effective in removing acne, but they do not have the necessary ingredients to eliminate any possible scars that form as a result. Since this lotion effectively scrubs the outermost layer of your face’s skin, it helps even out your skin tone, making you look more youthful.


The Best Use of Avon Clearskin Professional Daily Correcting Lotion for Skin Type


For ordinary users, simply cleanse your face first before applying a thin layer of the lotion one to three times daily.


Overall, the product is quite aggressive and may sting a lot for those with very sensitive skin. However, this does not make it less effective. Customers with sensitive skin should not apply too much product on their skin and avoid using other strong cleansers while using this.


The Pros and Cons of Avon Clearskin Professional Daily Correcting Lotion



  1. Effective in declogging and minimizing pores and treating acne
  2. Easy to use
  3. Contributes to skin fairness
  4. Eliminates many kinds of blemishes



  1. Expensive
  2. Ingredients may irritate sensitive skin



Overall, the pros outweigh the cons, which makes the Avon Clearskin Professional Daily Correcting Lotion a very smart purchase. It might not work for everybody, but it definitely is a must-try for those who have not yet met the right solution.

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