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Lexli Aloe-Based Acne Clarifying Lotion

Review of Lexli Aloe- Based Acne Clarifying Lotion



What is Lexli Aloe- Based Acne Clarifying Lotion?


The Lexli Aloe-based acne clarifying lotion was first introduced in the market in 2009 to complement with the other Lexli skin care products released by the company of the same name.  Lexli uses Aloe Vera power in all of its products as its lead formulator and president Dr. Ahmed Abdullah’s response to the country’s need to naturally yet effectively treat a number of dermatological health issues like acne.Lexli Aloe-Based Acne Clarifying Lotion


If you are currently experiencing from an embarrassing acne breakout, applying this lotion at least twice daily on the affected area could expedite its treatment. The Aloe Vera power in the Lexli Aloe-based acne clarifying lotion may be optimized by applying it on severely affected areas more than the recommended daily frequency. The Aloe Vera, along with the other ingredients found in all Lexli skin care products encourage the removal of unwanted skin cells that block the pores and encourage acne-causing bacteria.


What Skin Type is Lexli Aloe- Based Acne Clarifying Lotion Best Used With?

Unlike other lotions, the Lexli Aloe-based acne clarifying lotion is formulated to suit all skin types, may it be acneic, oily, normal or a combination of the other skin types. By simply massaging it on the affected area, the lotion dries easily and eliminates the greasy and annoying feeling on the skin of other commercial skin lotions. Other users testify that while it dries on the skin fast, the lotion doesn’t affect the normal texture of the skin and utilizes Aloe Vera power to lock in natural moisture.


What are Lexli Aloe- Based Acne Clarifying Lotion Benefits?

Apart from generally reducing the adverse effects of acne bacteria on your skin, this lotion eliminates the inflammation the breakout causes. Skin experts and other users recommend using it for spot treatment. This allows the organic components of the lotion to concentrate healing the extremely affected area of the skin before you can move on and use it as a regular skin health maintenance.  In addition, the antioxidants found in the lotion blocks pollution and other environmental factors or hazards that stress the skin and encourage the growth of acne and other skin diseases.


What are the Featured/Active Ingredients?

Aside from Aloe Vera, the clarifying lotion contains the following organic ingredients:

  • Green Tea Extract

This fragrant ingredient is known to contain enzymes that assist in the treatment of acne.

  • Soy Extract

The aglycones found in this ingredient reduces skin damage like wrinkles and dryness.

  • Gingko Biloba

Like Aloe Vera, this oriental plant provides multiple skin benefits. Its helps prevent dryness, appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It acts as a sunscreen as well.


The other active ingredients used in this products are amica, allantoin, panthenol, salicylic acid, purified water, benzoyl peroxide, sulfur and other botanical extracts.


What are the Pros and Cons of Lexli Aloe- Based Acne Clarifying Lotion?

Although it is no miracle product, it still is an effective clarifying lotion. Most users found visible results after using it for at least a month. Because it does not contain any artificial fragrance, it does not trigger skin allergies. The lotion also works well when used with other Lexli products. Therefore, you need not look for other branded skin care products somewhere else. You can purchase what you need in one place to save you time and money.  Although you might want to check with your dermatologist if some the lotion’s ingredients would not have any unwanted side effects on your skin, the product is generally recommended for people trying to get rid of acne and prevent breakouts.

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